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Commanders in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are Confident!

This Break is About to Become Huge!

A post on the Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) site was noteworthy:

August 17: Abdolrahim Mousavi, IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Council) chief predicted that Israel would not "exist in 25 years". Avoiding threatening them directly, Mousavi predicted that "Palestinians" would overrun Israel, "eventually". Arutz Sheva was quoting the Tasnim news site (an Iranian site). So, I checked Tasnim to see what they said today. And, they did not disappoint....

Sept. 2: Tasnim News: General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, a IRGC commander said that any invasion into Iran would cost the invader "dearly". Quoting from the article:

"He also stressed that a hostile military aggression against Iran, however improbable, would not involve boots on the ground, because the enemies know what tough Iranian fighters they are going to be up against."

Just a couple of thoughts regarding these brave predictions:

  • In 25 years the Lord Jesus Christ will be enthroned in Jerusalem ruling the world via His redeemed and chosen people Israel. Israel will be sending our Lord's missionaries to every nation, even Iran, and if there are any Mousavi descendants or relatives still alive, they would be wise to bend their knees in repentance and speak His name in adoration!

  • What General Baqeri should understand (by reading the book of Daniel, chapter 8) is that after his army ventures out in aggressive invasive actions in the Middle East, the Turks will respond with a swiftness and barbarity that will crush Iran. The best advice to the General, his colleagues, and forces is to stand down from their aggressive postures if they value their national independence.


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